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About Megan

                       Megan A Blasingame

I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in womens studies and a minor in child development and family studies. I was trained as a Birth and Postpartum doula (2012) in October. I currently work for Bauer Family Resources as a Pregnancy Specialist and a Home Based Educator.

I also work for Penny Lane, MSN, CNM, IBCLC. For Penny I am a Midwifery Assistant; which is a mixer of a doula and a professionally trained birth assistant for a midwife (home birth practice). As a Midwifery Assistant, I am trained in labor support, non-assessing tasks, and neonatal resuscitation.

The Essential Ingredient: Doula

My personality is passionate, nurturing, and I believe in truth. I am a feminist by nature but am also a feminist scholar. I will passionately inform you of the facts and of your rights as a person, of any group. Women giving birth are vulnerable to ‘modern ideals’ of what childbirth is. Many women in America see childbirth as medical; they think of childbirth in a hospital with pain medication. Some are scared of childbirth possibly making subconscious connections with pain, fear, sickness, or surgery.


Birth: A Natural Event

There is no right way to have a baby except the way that feels most comfortable to you. Childbirth will change the person you are and will be vividly etched in your mind for years to come. As a birth doula I will nurture you, encourage you, and praise your efforts during labor at each turn. Before labor, we can practice relaxation techniques and I can answer questions on the process of birth. I will work with you on a birth plan providing you a sample if need be and we can practice different "labor progressing" positions. I will also answer questions on breastfeeding and other aspects of what to expect during the postpartum period. Throughout your pregnancy and labor, I encourage you to ask questions in order for you to make informed decision. I do not make medical suggestions because I am not trained in that aspect. Your health is top priority to me and giving medical advice would be negligent as well as unprofessional.

The Postpartum Period

Your baby now lives outside of you and everyone’s life has changed. Labor is different for everyone: long, hard, fast, easy, etc.. You gave birth! Mentally you could be feeling a wide range of emotions. Your body, baby, or family may need extra support after the birth. It can be scary. "What if I can't breastfeed my baby?" might be one of many concerns. A new balance of life with a newborn occurs. Building a trusting relationship with your new baby occurs. This bundle of love might not be exactly how you predicted but life could not get better, I promise! You all will see and hear new sights and sounds. "What is typical?" "What is natural?" "How can I build trust with my baby?" 

As a doula, I calm the worried voices in your head which can solve many problems alone. I come into your home and encourage, educate, and nurture Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa and anyone else that I come into contact with. I hope I can do so much more for you but I will at least cover the following applicable areas: 

·      processing the birth experience

·      assisting with multiples

·     adjusting to postpartum physical changes

·      breastfeeding education and support

·      providing evidence based information

·      integrating the baby

·      postpartum mood disorder

·      basic newborn care

·      loss and grief

My goal is to make this time feel natural, manageable, and exceptional for everyone in your family.

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