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Postpartum Doula Care

Postpartum Doula Care

In other areas of the world women have many people who stay with them and support them after giving birth: parents that may live with them, siblings that live close by, along with friends and neighbors. These people support the new family.  A doula can provide this same kind of support making bonding with a new baby more enjoyable.



I provide nonmedical physical, emotional and informational support after the birth of your baby.


I will help with self-care recovery, postpartum comfort measures, infant care (including bathing, feeding, safety issues, and swaddling), parenting information, and provide assistance with learning to feed and take care of your baby. I am trained in Breastfeeding and can provide breastfeeding support. If something is beyond my scope, I can refer you to a lactation consultant or other professional caregivers.


Practical support will include:


    Daytime and/or evening care

    Breastfeeding support

    Baby-wearing assistance

    Meal preparation

    Light housekeeping


    Baby-soothing skills

    Newborn care

    Caring for baby while mom naps

    Emotional Support for the new mom, dad, and other family members

    Help with sibling interaction

    Referrals to local mama-baby resources

    Overnight care


The tasks I provide each visit will depend on the priorities discussed by all parties before beginning services and on your particular needs that visit.


I am happy to do some basic food preparation or light housework. Food preparation may consist of sandwiches, oatmeal, eggs, etc.  Cleaning may consist of laundry for mom and baby, sweeping, picking up toys, or dusting in areas. Kitchen cleanup may include emptying the dishwasher and wiping down counter tops. I do not do major housecleaning tasks such as windows, cleaning of bathrooms, or yard work but if you are unsure please ask.


As a Postpartum Doula, I will NOT transport you or any member of your family.  However, I can ride with you if you need me to go somewhere with you.  As a postpartum Doula I also do NOT take over all care of the baby.  My goal is to help you become confident and secure in your own abilities as a new mom and family.


I do Not diagnose any medical conditions for mother or baby, but will refer you to an appropriate health care provider if I notice anything of concern.


In the rare event that I need to cancel a visit, I will call and reschedule.

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